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  1. Laura (verified owner)

    Hickory & Suede Body Lotion is INCREDIBLE! You can feel the quality of this Lotion immediately. Goat milk is the first ingredient; other more widely available brands list goat milk as the 6th or 7th ingredient. The Hickory & Suede scent is wonderfully calming. I use it before going to sleep each night. My hands, which are painfully dry in winter, feel great now. Lilly and the other goats have done an outstanding job!

    I’m grateful we met StoneDog Ridge at a show. Theirs is a superior product, and the customer service is, too. I received a prompt reply to the request I submitted online. I ordered more Lotion and it arrived very, very quickly. That, too, is remarkable in these times. Thank you, StoneDog Ridge!

    • StoneDog Ridge

      Thank you for your kind review, Laura!

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Soap Lotion
Ingredients: olive oil, goat milk, coconut oil, lard, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, castor oil, fragrance, water, Brazillian clay, activated charcoal, and mica

Weight: 5oz
Dimensions: 3″ W × 1.25″ D × 3″H

Ingredients: goat milk, water, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cetylstearyl alcohol, polysorbate 60, avocado oil, stearic acid, fragrance, phenonip.

Allergy information: contains Almonds.

Weight: 8 fl oz
Dimensions: 3″ W x 1.25″ D x 8″ H

Travel Lotion Dimensions: 2″ W x 1.5″ D x 4.5″ H